About Us

Don Bosco Youth Centre, Puthuppally

Don Bosco Youth Centre Puthuppally is part of a global movement of Salesians, which is an international educational and religious society, founded by St. John Bosco, Father and Friend of Youth, spread over 133countries for the service of the young. Don Bosco Youth Centre caters to the spiritual, cultural, psychological, physical, and social development of youth. Don Bosco Youth Centre puthuppally create a great impact on the lives of the people of the neighborhood. We strive to achieve the total development of our youngsters and to make them persons of faith and honest citizens. We follow the preventive system of St. John Bosco, which is based on reason, religion, and above all, on loving-kindness. Youth Centre brings together educators and youngsters in a family experience of trust and dialogue. Youth center gives a platform for the young to channelize their energy, to develop creativity, imagination, and spontaneity. Young people get an opportunity to socialize and create good friendships and grow positively in society. The youth of this locality who belong to the age group of 8 and above is the present target group of the youth center and they belong to different classes in socio-economic, religious, and educational conditions.

Mission & Vision

Don Bosco Youth center aims at spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, and human development of the young especially the poor and deprived through the preventive system of Don Bosco expressed in an atmosphere of joy, optimism, and family spirit.

Our Motto

" That All May be One "